Coco Marijuana

2022 Music Video

Coco Marijuana is a piece of renaissance art that embodies my ideals of afro futurism, ancient reverence, and spiritual syncretism in the context of a holistic and constantly evolving ideology, Neshåism. Coco Marijuana isn’t about weed. This film is an epic celebration of the ritual, the high, and the pleasures of music. It’s about the intimacy that sound brings within oneself,  a moment of self reflecting nakedness. That’s why it’s so sexy. With this, I present to you, the Goddess & Priestess of love and music, Neshå.
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Satin Cassette

2021 Sophmore Studio Album

This album is a collection of teachings, experiences, and poetry about the musicality of sex and the sensuality of music in the most literal and metaphorical sense. It is my expression of what that synonomity means to me. The language of this album is fluid -  the subject matter floats  to and from my passion for making art and for making love, indeed, they are one in the same.  

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Rum & Butter 

2021 Music Video

Rum & Butter is about the transformation from corporeal bodies to spiritual spectrums colour. It is a moment of divine metamorphosis. Coco, brown, butter, and rum are the colours and textures I use to describe the act of love between two black entities at the eternal hour of midnight, in the heat of the summer season.

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Cigarette Live

2021 Live Performance

You showered me with love when I released 'Cigarette', for that I am immensely grateful. I needed to give you something in return, so I sang my heart out for you. I promise, Cigarette is only the beginning of the world I have prepared for us.Thank you for being so patient with me. I'm finally here. I love you, Turunesh

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2021 Music Video

I wrote this song the summer I fell in love in for the first time. At first I didn't think it had anything to do with me, it felt like a freestyle. The more I listen to 'Cigarette' the more it reveals itself to me as a vivid memory. It's about the thrill of a first encounter, how it feels to give in and to pull away in a single instance, and what it means to be overcome by desire yet overwhelmed with shyness. We can all find ourselves in the world this song creates, somewhere on the dance floor.

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