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About Turunesh:

Turunesh’s discography is an embrace, sometimes sweet, sometimes warm but always intoxicating. At 14 years old, Turunesh married her love for writing poetry with singing. Shyly releasing original songs on Soundcloud and secretly sharing her links with a small circle of friends, Turunesh had no idea how much her music would resonate, breaking new ground in East Africa’s and Vancouver’s alternative music scene. Her influence was solidified with the release of her globally acclaimed sophomore album, Satin Cassette, and its sold-out headliner show at Vancouver’s iconic venue, Biltmore Cabaret.

Now based in Toronto, Turunesh has returned after a 2 year hiatus. She’s continued to hone her experimental sound to build an afro-futuristic world that incorporates her Pan-African ethos and innate sensuality through her self-founded label and creative studio, Nesha Empire. A truly multifaceted artist, the singer, songwriter, producer and creative director is an exciting new voice amongst her peers in the realm of experimental R&B & Neo-Soul.